CTM Webcast Solutions is a division of CTM Marketing Group. Our webcast division was created as a supplement to CTM Marketing Group’s long standing meeting and conference planning services.

The CTM Webcast Solutions team is comprised of multimedia experts with years of experience in defining the business applications of interactive webcasting. Our proprietary software solution was developed specifically to address the needs of business communicators and training providers.

The strength of CTM Webcast Solutions is the support of our traditional meeting planners. With more than 18 years experience planning meetings and conferences, CTM Marketing Group brings unparalleled expertise in ensuring communication goals and objectives are met with every get together. Whether your group meets online or in a traditional venue our team makes sure it’s an effective use of your company’s time and money.

CTM Webcast Solutions is not a fly-by-night dot-com venture. We’re grounded in reality with traditional roots. As a client you can rest assured that sound meeting practices will drive the process as our technology simply provides a new forum for your meetings. It’s not technology for the sake of technology, it’s technology with a purpose. We put technology in place for you, where experience tells us it makes the most sense. Not because it’s the only service we offer.

Whether you’re new to webcasting or looking for a better option, we’ll introduce to you a solution that right for you. With no headaches and no hassles.