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online meetings bring people together People
They are the cornerstone of success in any business. Whether it's your employees or the public, we keep you in touch with them. Next door or around the world.
professional quality webcasts Showtime
Distance communications often lack personality. Our solution thrives on it. Professional video not only puts your presenter's voice and character before your audience, it lets your audience know that your message is important.
live, interactive webcasts, polling, surveys, messaging Interaction
Nothing involves an audience like a presentation they take part in. With our solution, you'll keep their attention. You'll answer their questions with video and text responses. In the end, you'll both end up on common ground with understanding.
webcast attendance tracking and reports

Quantifiable Results
We provide you with all the tools to clearly communicate your message. After the presentation, you'll access complete attendance reports and find out more about who logged in and what they learned.

webcasting advantages