Live and On-Demand Webcasting
Distinct Differences. Distinct Advantages.
CTM Webcasts are delivered in two formats; Live and On-Demand. Live webcasts are aired as they happen, just the same as a live television broadcast. Your audience logs in a predetermined time to take part in the presentation just as they would if attending a face-to-face meeting.

On-Demand webcasts are pre-recorded and made available after production work is complete. Once made available online, your audience can view the webcast whenever they wish. There is no set viewing time as with a live webcast.

live webcasting on-demand webcasting

Highest Level of Interactivity
Live webcasts offer the most interaction. Only in a live webcast can you answer audience questions in real-time. This is ideal for communications that are improved by back-and-forth between presenters and their audience, such as training, product introductions, etc.

Post Event Archives Available
Each live webcast is achived and made available for on-demand review. This gives presenters the best of both worlds. The interaction of the live session and the convenient, round-the-clock review options of an on-demand webcast.


Production Flexibility
On-Demand webcasts offer more production flexiblilty. An on-demand webcast can feature video shot on multiple dates, at multiple locations all edited and combined into one.

24x7 Access
On-Demand webcasts are available around the clock. This is an added convenience to your audience. They can login and view the webcast whenever it is most convenient for them.


Which is Right for You?
Choosing between a live and on-demand webcast is simple. In situations where interaction between your presenters and the audience is critical, the live option is the choice for you. A live webcast can truly deliver the best of both worlds in offering strong interaction followed up with the around-the-clock viewing convenience provided by the archive.

If the topic of your webcast doesn't require extensive interaction you may prefer the production flexibility of an on-demand webcast. You can shoot your video over several days and have it edited down for the best result. This removes the stress of having to get it just right, all in one take.

Those are the basics. Just remember, CTM Webcast planners are here to help you and can answer all of your questions to make sure you chose the right delivery format for your webcast.

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