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Corporate Identity

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Give them something to recognize
Corporate identity is important whether you are a small company or a large corporation. The image you put forth in reaching and working with your customers and clients in large part forms their opinion of your business. A well defined image and identity puts you in control of shaping this opinion in a way that best represents your company.

There is more to your corporate identity than your logo
Most people associate corporate identity with their company logo. While this plays an important role a logo alone can’t carry your image through without supporting materials.

Spread the word
You should strive to create a consistent image through every point of contact with your customers and clients. This means on your website, in your email communications, brochures and letters, and in any outward communications pieces.

Practice what you preach
Just as your corporate identity helps to define your image to the outside world, it also works internally. Your internal communications, memos, company intranet etc. should all work together in building a strong image of your company for your employees. It will set the tone for how the company should be represented to your customers and clients.

Don’t go changing!
Consistency is key. We can introduce you to methods that make maintaining consistency simple, such as company style guidelines, document and website style sheets and other simple tools that can take the guesswork out of remaining consistent in your image.

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