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Marketing Strategy

Never head out with out a map
For any marketing component to be successful it must be part of a larger, overall marketing strategy. Whether you are developing a website, postcard or brochure to market your products and services, it is important to set goals and to integrate each piece into your marketing plan.

Look to the big picture before specifics
All too often people will focus on specific solutions, such as “I need a website”, but fail to plan around the components they build. For instance, how will you integrate the website into your outreach? How will people find your website? How can the website help pre-qualify customers and eliminate unnecessary bids or inquiries?

If you already have a marketing strategy, I will ensure your project best works with and complements it.

If you do not have a marketing strategy, I can outline areas around the piece we are developing to maximize its effectiveness.

Realistic plans for real results
Every business has its budgets. It is important to understand this before recommending any strategy. Making every dollar count is the only way to ensure your strategy is a benefit, not a financial burden. For small businesses this is critical since, typically, you must rely on a smaller number of programs that work vs. numerous programs you can test in order to find one that really works. We understand this. And we work to find the best plan before we implement anything.

Common Marketing Components

Sales Sheets
Electronic Brochures
Online Request Forms
Online Newsletter Signup
Email Marketing Campaigns
Online Advertising/Pay-Per-Click

How can we help you?
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