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Website Design Help

I can’t afford a website.
If it’s done right your website will pay you more dividends over time than you ever invest in building it. And, if you are working with the right provider you won’t have a site built that includes more than you actually need. If you think you can’t afford a website but think that you have a need for one, it is best to talk with a website developer and let them assess your needs. If they are not the right fit for what you need, ask for them to provide recommendations on what you can do or where you can go to get what you need done.
Be sure when making your final decision that you select a competent provider with the experience to get you what you need. A poorly designed site, built on a poorly defined strategy probably won’t meet your needs and you may end up paying to get your site done again. Get it done right the first time, and grow from there!

What would I use a website for?
Websites can be used for any number of things, providing detailed information about your products and services. Lead generation. Product training and online sales. A website can help relieve the burden on your call center. The best way to determine what a website can do for your business is for you to explain your business to a provider. Together you can find ways that a website can help improve your business.

I already have a website, why should I change it?
If you already have a website, and are completely happy with it, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Even if you are completely happy with your website, there may be things you can add or change to improve its effectiveness. Speak with a provider and let them know about your business and your website. Ask them if there are areas they can suggest for improvement and then make the determination as to whether they are worth moving forward on.

I already have a website and it does nothing for me.
If your website is doing nothing for you, maybe it’s time for a change. It could be that your audience simply hasn’t adapted to using the web. Or that your business simply isn’t structured to benefit from a website. Not every business needs a website. Most businesses should benefit from a website. There may be other factors at hand. It could just be that no one knows about your website. Have you considered another means of promotion? Has your website been registered with the major search engines? Is your website properly mentioned in your print collateral? Is your website out of date and in need of content updates? These are all things to consider if you are not getting the most out of your website. Talk to a provider and see if together you can’t find a solution to get more out of your existing website or help you create a new site. If your business is of the type that a website simply can’t help much, they should be upfront about that too.

I already have a website but I can’t get it updated.
Almost any website can be easily updated providing you have access to the server that the site is hosted on. Most minor updates can be done relatively quickly. If you do not have access to the server your site is hosted on, you will need to make an attempt to get the login and password from your provider. If your website is being hosted on a server owned by your design firm you should be able to get this information from them, even if they do not wish to turn over control of the site. Worst case scenario, you can try and harvest the information from the site, providing you do have ownership rights of the files in question. Hopefully your site never falls into this situation but it does happen and you should take the steps necessary to recover the assets you’ve paid for.

How will I maintain my website once I have one?
Website maintenance is usually a simple process. If you do not have the in-house resources to update your site, your website designer will usually accommodate your updates. Since they built the site, they should be readily familiar with it and be able to update it easily. Updating your website is best done by a professional. Be sure whoever you entrust to the task is capable, because you do run the risk of losing portions of what you built to developer error.

I have a store, why would my customers visit me online?
You can use a website to offer coupons, rebates, product info, directions and more. If you are running local print ads and mailers to drive in store traffic, you can include you store’s website URL in your ads so potential customers can learn more about you online. Websites are also great places to share testimonials and letters you receive from your customers. Whether you are a small mom-and-pop store or a larger retailer, a website to compliment your store holds many advantages.

I tried to build a website before and it never got done.
Unfortunately this is not an uncommon problem for companies making the first venture online. It should never be. The problem can either stem from a provider who over sells what they can deliver. It can also be the result of the company not being able to decide what they want or being unable to provide the necessary content to complete the site. We specialize in managing the entire website development process and will help you get together the materials that we will need from you to complete your site. We set timelines and will keep you informed of the deliverables required to get your site completed. In addition, by offering a full-spectrum of services, including content development, we can help take the burden off your management by developing the content for you and working with you to ensure it is accurate.

We prefer print and direct mail; why should we go online?
If you have a successful print and mail campaign, you probably shouldn’t stop. If it isn’t broken, why fix it? If you would consider offering online information to supplement and build upon your direct mail campaigns, you could find that your responses actually grow. And, if you can slowly cross over some or all of your customer base to your company’s online resources you can save time and money. Additionally, you’ll have the option to offer targeted information specific to their needs. Consider offering more information online and invite people to visit your site in your outreach.

I don’t live in Orange County, California, how could I work with you?
I’ve worked with many clients over the years that I’ve never met in person. While it may be reassuring to meet face-to-face before you begin a project with someone new, it is not a necessity. In fact, by working remotely, you'll find the process becomes much more documented. Things get put down in writing, so it’s easy to go back and review and update your project along the way. Trust our experience. Read our testimonials. We’ll make you 100% comfortable before we begin any project.

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