How, Where and When to Use Webcasting
So Where Can You Use Webcasting?
Webcasting is perfect for online meetings, training, and many other areas of critical business communications.

Its strength is establishing effective communications where factors such as geographic separation and busy schedules can make communicating a challenge.

Our webcasting application is flexible and it can be adapted to fit the needs of almost any business. Here are a few examples of how companies are using webcasting and areas where you can enhance your communications with a webcast solution.

Webcasting as a Supplement to Traditional Meetings

• Promotion: generate initial interest in the meeting
• Pre-qualify the traditional meeting: get the group together beforehand, gain feedback and be in a better position to meet attendee needs at the face-to-face gathering
• Pre-session training: introduce the topics to be covered in your meeting

Event Concurrent
• Simultaneous Broadcast: make the meeting available to an online audience
• Communication Hub: Set up a webcast station on-site. Take advantage of your core team being together in one location. Form a high powered panel and allow them to broadcast from the meeting venue.
• Recap Sessions: broadcast recaps of daily activities to off-site attendees keeping the team involved and in-touch.

Post Event
• Follow up Sessions: use live or on-demand webcasts to further elaborate on content covered at the meeting.
• Highlight Reel: a video reel featuring all the key happenings at your event. Can be for fun or strictly business.
• Keep in Touch: use live webcasts to keep communication open in between annual, quarterly or any other regularly schedule meetings.

Replacements for Traditional Meetings

Sometimes getting a group together for a meeting is a forbidding challenge. Our webcast solutions can help ease this challenge. Here are some examples.

• The Impossible Meeting: bring together the group that never seems able to "get together".
• The “in-between” Meeting: fill in the gaps between traditional meetings
• Low Budget Alternative: save money over the cost of most traditional meetings

More Specific Applications

Internal Communications
• CEO Chat Sessions
• Sales and Marketing Meetings
• Program and Procedure Updates
• Training and Development

Product Marketing
• Product Launches
• Product Demonstrations

Investor Relations
• Quarterly Meetings
• Advisory Meetings
• Earnings Announcements
• Analyst Meetings

HealthCare Applications
• Physician Advisory Committees
• CME - Continuing Medical Education
• Development Conferences
• Affiliate Communications

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