Studio and Remote Webcasting

Production Options Give You Increased Flexibility
Our webcasts can originate either from our studio of from your office, hotel, meeting or conference venue. Studio and Remote webcasts each have their advantages. We'll help you determine which is right for you.

Studio Webcast Remote Webcast

-Highest Levels of Production Quality
-Work with a Custom Set
-Add Multiple Cameras with Ease
-Pre-and-Post Production Effects
-Solid Technology Platform


-Sets up Easily in Most Offices
-Professional Results

-Our Team Handles Everything
-No Travel for your Presenters
-Saves Time for Key Presenters
-Add Webcast Access to a Traditional Meeting


Studio Webcasts
Studio webcasts offer the higest level of production quality. Every element from lighting to stage set-up are under tight control. For the ultimate in professional look, clients will choose the studio option. With the option to develop a custom set your corporate webcast looks like a network news broadcast.

Remote Solutions
Some clients prefer the convenience of having our team coming to them. Our remote deployment team can show up on-site with professional quality studio equipment to turn your office or conference room into a broadcast center. As long as adequate internet connectivity exists, we can broadcast from almost any location. And the production quality remains high. The studio has advantages in control over each element of a set, but the commitment to quality in our remote solution sacrifices little over a studio webcast.

Remote webcasts generally will require a little more lead time. Our team will assess the connectivity at your location in the weeks prior to your webcast. If additional preparations are required to establish adequate connectivity, the additional lead time will help facilitate this.

CTM Webcast Solutions