Webcasting and Online Meeting Advantages

Discover the Advantages of Webcasting
-Save Time as a Presenter: webcasts are quicker to plan than traditional events
-Save Time as an Attendee:
attendees save time away from office
-Save Money:
eliminate travel expenses and venue costs
-Interact Easily with Remote Groups
-Enjoy Scheduling Flexibility
-Archive of Live Events Increases their Lifespan
-Get Measurable Results

What Advantages Does Webcasting Deliver Versus Other Options?
Webcasting provides a variety of advantages over other forms of distance communications. Perhaps its biggest advantage is establishing effective communications in areas where simply no other solution is as effective.

In comparison to other distance communication solutions the advantages webcasting delivers are significant.

Versus Conference Calls
Compared to conference calls our interactive webcasts are far more engaging. Streaming video helps keep your audience’s attention while presentation slides reinforce key points and help explain complex topics. Users have the option to print slides for later reference and an archive of each live webcast makes the entire presentation available for later review.

Our Webcast Solutions offer more opportunity for interaction than a conference call. Each participant who logs in can submit questions and receive answers from your panel of presenters.

Versus Traditional Meetings
Compared to traditional meetings webcasts are far easier to schedule, quicker to plan and cheaper to produce in most cases. Attendees that take part in your webcast have no need to travel, so your meeting only takes as much time out of their day as its duration. There’s to-and-from time and lost of productivity associated with being out of the office.

For webcast producers bringing an audience together online offers a substantial cost savings. Air travel and lodging expenses often prevent groups from getting together as often as they would wish. Our webcasting solution helps increase the frequency of communication for these types of groups and can increase their effectiveness.

Versus Web Collaboration
Small groups within a company that work remotely may utilize web collaboration programs. These do-it-yourself applications work well for small peer-to-peer sessions, but they lack the tools to manage larger audiences–particularly large audiences focused on a single presenter or team of presenters in the example of training. Our webcast solution is designed specifically for this model of communication and gives you all the tools you need to effectively manage Q&A with your audience. Nothing gets lost in the shuffle and your presenters have the ability to work hand-in-hand with up to 10 of their own content experts to ensure that even with a heavy volume of questions, each individual gets an answer.

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